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indecision man

More Information, Better Decisions?

Years ago I took a job in a large radio market, as the Program Director of the most successful radio station in the city. In less than three weeks, I knew the job was a mistake. The business was dysfunctional, because the person who hired me was mentally ill. He was a psychological maelstrom, and […]

funny face

The Person You’re Afraid to Be

Most of us have two faces we wear. The “public face”, which is carefully cultivated to give the best impression possible, and the “secret face”. The secret face is the person we really are, when no one is watching. One man, with two faces on the mirror Most of us are afraid to show our […]

The 7-Point Template For Better Blog Posts

I am often asked whether there is a template for writing compelling blog posts. The fact is, I use several such templates myself, and today I will share one. Follow this template, and you too will be writing more compelling blog posts in no time at all. The 7-Point Template For Better Blog Posts Headline. […]


How Will You Finish 2013?

Today is October 1. There are precisely 3 months left in the year. No matter what has happened so far this year, you get to decide how the year ends. You have 90 days to make a strong finish, or to fizzle out. You already know what you need to do. Or probably more accurate, […]

zen productive

10 Predictable Habits of Productive People

The most productive people share a common set of workflow habits. These habits are predictable, identifiable, and they are different from what normal people do. If you would like to be abnormally productive, integrate these 10 habits into your workflow…. Start early. Ben Franklin’s advice that being “early to bed, early to rise makes a […]

Getting Your Email Opened

3 Essentials to Getting Your Email Opened

Think of the subject line of your e-mail as being the equivalent of a headline in a sales letter. It’s that important. In fact, if you don’t write a good subject line, I can almost guarantee your e-mail will not be opened, not be read, and, in fact, end up in the trash. So what […]


The Art of Defensive Time Management

If you don’t manage your time, someone else will manage it for you. One of the key tactics for getting out of “overwhelmed mode” is understanding that you are a powerful person, in charge of your own schedule. You get to decide when to say “yes”, and when to say “no”. That’s simple enough. But […]

Top 5 Skills Every Leader Must Have

The world moves fast and if you can’t keep up, your company is doomed. Here are five skills that every leader must have to run a company in today’s culture. A few years ago, I saw a video by a Harvard professor on competences for adapting to a changing world. Frankly, it was embarrassing. It […]

Success Loves Speed

There is a direct correlation to how fast you implement ideas and how successful those ideas are. The faster you implement a new idea, the more likely it will be a success. You have probably noticed the phenomena. You have an idea, you get excited about it, and you take a few days to think […]