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The Real Secret to Digital Marketing

Online marketing is full of fast-moving fads and shiny new technologies. So it would be easy – if your job were to organize three major digital marketing conferences a year, like Allen Bonde does – to chase after the elusive “new new thing.” But Bonde prefers to balance cutting-edge content with a recognition that “things […]

Do You Know What Your People Tweet?

In the 1950s, radio stations all across America participated in allowing DJs to come in with their own records and essentially play what they wanted. It was a free-for-all. Sometimes it worked. Many times it didn’t. However, no radio operator would do that today. That’s because we’ve learned that concentrated programming with a specific strategy […]

7 Holiday Streaming Tips

You can’t get much out of the holidays and social media, right? Wrong. You can use creativity to give a powerful impact to listener holidays and bond them to your brand. This is not about 4th of July or Christmas. It is about holidays in general and how to engage listeners or connect with them. […]

Why You Don’t Want To Be A Critic

John Updike was once asked why he seems to like every book he reviews. His response (I am paraphrasing) was, “Because I don’t waste my time reading books I don’t like.” Being a critic is easy. It requires no risk, no creativity, and no courage to take potshots at someone else’s work. Especially not in […]