Success Loves Speed

There is a direct correlation to how fast you implement ideas and how successful those ideas are.

The faster you implement a new idea, the more likely it will be a success.

You have probably noticed the phenomena. You have an idea, you get excited about it, and you take a few days to think it over. At some point, the excitement wears off, the shine is gone from the idea… and nothing gets done.

Recognizing this truth makes it easy to harness it’s power. Here’s Dr. Ray’s prescription:

The next time you get a new idea, immediately take steps that minute to get that idea into motion.

Ask yourself, “What’s the fastest way I can get this idea implemented?”

Whether it’s an idea for a new book, a new product or workshop, or a goal that you suddenly decide you want to set for yourself, don’t let any grass grow under your feet.

Decrease the time it takes to go from idea to implementation. Watch how much more successful you become.